Peace On Earth Film Festival

The Peace On Earth Film Festival is designed to foster and encourage filmmakers, and animators in the genre of peace, nonviolence, social justice and eco-balance production world-wide, by promoting and screening films and videos exclusive to a building peace culture, rejuvenating lost hope of such possibility.

The First Annual Peace On Earth Film Festival was presented at the Victory Garden’s Biograph Theatre by New Thought Chicago, a Chicago based Spiritual Center, on August 29 – 31 – Labor Day Weekend – 2008.

The 2010 POEFF marked the first of three years that the Peace on Earth Film Festival has been hosted by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events and held in the Chicago Cultural Center (CCC)‘s beautiful Claudia Cassidy Theater.

The 2014 POEFF will be held from Thursday, March 67 to Sunday, March 9, 2014.


Restorative Justice in Action

Is an outreach program designed to educate and encourage individuals, both public and private organizations, and communities to establish restorative justices practices, by sharing video clips from the Restorative Justice in Action (RJA), CAN-TV Show, documenting the challenges and triumphs of practitioners in various modalities of Restorative Justice and related fields, in Chicago and other communities throughout Illinois.

RJA, an independently produced Chicago Access Cable Network TV Show, hosted by Judge Sophia H. Hall, highlights the work of members of the City Wide Restorative Justice Committee of Greater Chicago, exemplifying a new consciousness of “best practices” in the various modalities of restorative justice, reflecting a Chicago culture building peace, nonviolence and social justice, cooperation and restoration of harms.


Restorative Justice in Action Website

Restorative Justice in Action website will allow the viewer to navigate from the picture of one of the Restorative Justice in Action Cable Show guests, including an inviting quotation, to a 1 – 2 minute video clip of courageous and educated practices: alternative approaches to a seemingly deteriorating society. Video clips – present capsulized stories – speaking to the restoring of harm in households, schools, neighborhoods and communities. From these selected clips the viewer can move to another window where they will be given information needed to contact the offices of the individuals highlighted and other web resources.

RJA also provides valuable informational links to resources within the society of Restorative Justice Practices.

Restorative Justice in Action, the CAN-TV Series was originally videotaped at Chicago Cable Access – TV (CAN-TV) studios from August 2007 through June 2008.


Transcendence Global Media, NFP, is dedicated to sharing these triumphs with the world, by encouraging practitioners and municipalities alike to take up ‘best proven practices’ to restore trust and confidence by encouraging others to take similar action in their communities; allow the world to know that something can be done to restore sanity, correct harm, and renew a sane and purposeful justice back into individual lives and the life of the community.