Transcendence Global Media (TGM) NFP, parent company of the Peace On Earth Film Festival (POEFF), was organized to develop and sustain the POEFF, established in 2008. TGM is a 501 (c) 3, whose primary mission is to expand the POEFF, along with other programs and projects that advance the understanding, enterprise and sustainability of a culture of peace for all humanity.

Mission Statement

TGM’s mission is to foster a change in public discourse by building alternatives to violence, while demonstrating progressive steps toward social justice and an eco-balanced world. The POEFF fulfills that mission by presenting films, discussion panels, and outreach programming which highlight such efforts both locally and worldwide.

A cornerstone of TGM’s philosophy is taken from a quote of President John F. Kennedy: “Peace is…a process of gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, and quietly building new structures”.

Transcendence Global Media, NFP is in the activity of building a culture of peace and nonviolence, through various media projects. These projects call on the synergistic movement of thought and action; ideas and finance, possibility through achievement. A new culture of peace is already happening; we are here to bring it into view. To craft a culture of peace there needs to be a new activism for peace consciousness building. The experiences of life are built one thought at a time: by instilling new ideas for the alternative to violence we set forth the possibility of peace as a new experience.